Kind of sad news. I don't think I realized there was a 3rd season of Marvel's Runaways, so I never got around to watching it. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons, so I definitely would have liked to have seen it. I hope it comes back to some legitimate streaming service, since it's been removed from Disney+ and Hulu.

Finally put the hummingbird feeder out a few days ago, and I saw the first 1 of the season this morning. Just a teeny, tiny little thing.

With SCOTUS now allowing developers to fill in wetlands, people who live in places not currently considered flood risks are in for a bit of a surprise when the waters rise.

There are consequences when judges ignore science in favor of bribes. People will lose their homes. A lot of people.

Client: "Hey, can you set our site up to function this way?"
Me: "Sure thing. All done."
Client (2 months later): "Why doesn't our site function in exactly the opposite way we asked you to set it up in the first place? This is urgent. You need to fix this."
Me: ...

Just a reminder: This weekend is about those who never made it home. It's wonderful to honor our vets, but this weekend is not the time or place for it, and you will make them feel awkward if you decide to recognize them on a holiday specifically for the fallen.

"Book business advocacy organizations, including the Association of American Publishers, will join a federal lawsuit over a recently passed law in Arkansas that would make librarians criminally liabile for providing allegedly 'obscene' books to minors."


Heard about the 'woke mind virus'? It's the first time I've encountered a pathogen that promotes empathy, equality, and critical thinking—quite an upgrade from the usual plagues.

I mean... I agree with her.

"Lauren Boebert says fighting 'hate and antisemitism' is code for going after conservatives"

#politics #antisemitism #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackTwitter

“When I leave my DC office and work remotely, I talk to people who are distributed throughout my home state, and that assures me that we should make sure that our government is run by people in Washington DC and certainly not by distributed teams in places like my home state.”

Weird hill to die on, man.

We won trivia again, tonight! Except for 1 hiccup in the halftime question (I knew the right story, but chose the wrong character), we got every question right, including the final, so we scored a total of 88 out of a possible 90 points. I could be wrong, but I _think_ we beat the 2nd place team by 10 points.


Narragansett Del's Shandy at 50/50 Taphouse in Winchester, VA

Titans S3 potential spoiler 

Me: *watching Titans S3E3*
Her: "They killed Reacher! I'm not watching this show anymore."

“Until a drag queen walks into a school and beats eight kids to death with a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, I think you’re focusing on the wrong shit.”

- Wanda Sykes

This is annoying. It seems that, since HBO Max became "Max", it no longer remembers what I'm watching. It doesn't even recognize that I watched the latest episode of the series in watching, and it keeps thinking I should resume S1E1 of the series (only after I search for it, since it's no longer in my "Keep watching" list)

Book challenges are fueled by parents' objections to LGBTQ themes - The Washington Post

Objection to sexual, LGBTQ content propels spike in book challenges
An analysis of book challenges from across the nation shows the majority were filed by just 11 people.

ELEVEN BIGOTS, FOLKS. JUST ELEVEN BIGOTS are trying to destroy public education across the USA.

Breaking News: Tina Turner has died at 83. The powerful soul singer was one of the most successful recording artists of all time. #press

Something tells me after listening to 2 songs, this new EP "Mentalcholy" by "Sponge" that came out this week isn't by the band I was expecting. is my favorite use of the .zip tld so far

edit: credit to @djdavid98 (nsfw account) for registering the domain

It seems more and more clear that the Republican extremists in control of the House don't want to prevent default on the debt they helped to create.

They WANT a default. They want the economy to crash, and then take total control of Washington (and beyond) next year.

They need help from Big Journalism to do this. And they're getting it, as the political press treats this extortion/sabotage as just another horse race story with two roughly equivalent sides.

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