Well, that's a strange coincidence. Sitting in Costco right now, and just got a spam text message claiming to be from Costco, telling me I won a new phone.

Watched Violent Night tonight. It was dumb, and extremely violent, but it was also enjoyable, and even had a bit of a "feel-good Christmas" vibe to it.

There is no hard limit on how many people can be on a team, but, I can tell you from personal experience that it can be tough to play with more than 8-10 folks on your team.

We're there playing just about every Thursday, so you're welcome and invited to join us anytime, but I'd especially love to see you out there on Feb 23 when I'm the host.

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Ok, friends, it looks like I will be hosting trivia on Thursday, February 23 at 5050 Taphouse in Winchester, VA starting at 8:30 pm.

Come out early, get some great food & drink, and join the game. It's free to play, and there are prizes for 1st & 2nd places.

This is the 2nd time this has happened tonight. An ad for a pharmaceutical that treats bipolar depression comes on, and the closed captioning says "Let's talk about Haribo Goldbears".

I don't think those are particularly effective at treating bipolar depression.

Smoked a batch of homemade pastrami this evening. It should have taken about 3 hours to cook, but ended up taking 6-7 hours for some reason. It tastes okay, but it probably could have cured for another day or 2. It is definitely a recipe I will use again.

Finished The Sandman this evening. We really enjoyed it quite a bit. The last episode was really strange (not related to the rest of the season at all; episode 10 is the actual finale), but it was all really good. Great acting, great writing. Can't wait for season 2.

Oooh. Looks like we can watch Violent Night on Peacock, now. We'll be checking that out soon; I've had some friends recommend it.

Both of our outdoor cats have decided they are very curious about what happens on the other side of our door. They're constantly trying to sneak in. 1 of them does so successfully every once in a while, but then she decides she doesn't really want to be inside and goes right back out.

Whoa. I didn't realize until we just watched s3e1 of Evil that Peter Scolari had died. Apparently he died in 2021, and I somehow missed it. That makes me sad.

For fuck’s sake people! Why are 2-3 million people missing from the US workforce? Well, hundreds of thousands of working adults died of COVID, millions developed long-term disabling health problems, and someone has to care for those folks. Remember — over 150,000 kids lost their primary caregiver in the first year of COVID alone. Someone has to leave the general workforce to care for those kids. COVID. The answer is COVID.

Why doesn't it appear that I can set up routines on my Echo devices based on the outside temperature? That seems like it should be a feature.

Very disappointed to see that Amazon is shutting down the Amazon Smile program.

Yesterday, I added $10 to my Starbucks card through the app, but got charged for it twice. Today, I went in to use my birthday reward, and they charged me for my drink. Not cool.

Last summer, Youngkin gave DroneUp a big incentive package to expand their Virginia headquarters. Where are we to think that this Walmart-partnering drone delivery company is sourcing their drones, or the drones' batteries? China, of course! But he had no concern about China *then*, only *now*.

It's not about China. It's about EVs. wtkr.com/news/virginia-beach-b

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What's sad about this is:
A) folks are responsible for figuring this out on their own.
B) they don't even have a searchable database of lot numbers; they just give you a separate PDF you have to download and look through yourself for each brand. And the PDFs aren't even totally consistent. Some have individual lot numbers and list expiration dates by date; others have ranges of lot numbers and list expiration dates by month.

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Just a reminder: if your at-home COVID tests say they've expired, it's probably not true. A whole lot of expiration dates have been extended; some by a month or 2, others by over a year. Check your tests at fda.gov/medical-devices/corona

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