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I guess I can do an post. I'm a web (mostly ) developer who tries as much as possible to focus on .

I'm a dad of 3 grown kids and a grandfather to 2 beautiful girls.

I enjoy retro video games, but I'm not obsessive about them.

I love TV and movies, and spend a lot of time watching something.

I enjoy playing trivia, sometimes as many as 3 or 4 nights a week.

I'm a Christian, but not that kind of "Christian".

I'm a lefty, bleeding heart liberal.

Hey, if you might be affected by a government shutdown, check and see if you would have medical coverage during it. Check RIGHT NOW.

If the answer is "no" or "not sure" GO GET REFILLS OF EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

Joe Biden gave an important speech today about MAGA fascism, but this was the most crucial line:

"Democracies don't have to die at the end of a rifle. They can die when people are silent, when they fail to stand up or condemn threats to democracy. When people willing to give away what's most precious to them because they feel frustrated."

#Fascism has always been unpopular. It can only win when the majority gives up in disgust. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

h/t @atrupar

Once again, I added wrong for the final question (and I'm actually really good at math), so we tumbled in at in . But, on the plus side, we only would have ended up 3rd if I'd added correctly, so we wouldn't have won anything.

If my team had listened to me when I said Salt Lake City was the capital of Utah, then we could have ended up in second place, and then I would have been really upset that I added wrong.

No matter what, though, we had a great time.

Vaccine appointments scheduled for Saturday. Hoping they don't cancel on us.

Just saw a tech news headline that said "Raspberry Pi 5 is here!" and my first thought was "I doubt it; the 4 never was"

You may not be aware that 3 tests w/48 hours in between each is the proper testing regimen to detect your #COVID infection after a potential exposure.

If so, you might ask why your government isn't informing you of their own guidelines, even though they were issued by the FDA (the agency that regulates medical devices including #COVIDTests) over a year ago, based on an FDA/NIH study. (See screenshots.)


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Senate Dems Want to Cancel All Student Lunch Debt—A 'Term So Absurd That It Shouldn't Even Exist' | U.S. Sen. John Fetterman said the aim of the bill is to "stop humiliating kids and penalizing hunger."

#CancelStudentLunchDebt #StopHumiliatingKids #PenalizingHunger #SenateDems #StudentLunchDebt #JohnFetterman #Politics #News

If they ever do a movie where Ed Warren is older, I really hope they get Bruce Campbell to play him. I was struck the other day when I was watching The Conjuring 2, how much Patrick Wilson reminds me of a young Bruce Campbell (especially when the couch flew up and knocked him away from the window).

So sad to hear that David McCallum has died. He was such a warm, friendly character in NCIS, but he was a fantastic actor in varied roles. He could definitely go dark, given the right script and circumstances. He was always fun to watch.

Reminder: Today is the day you can order 4 more free tests for your household from the US government.

Yesterday, I learned that, around here, if you forget to pay your real estate taxes for 1 year, you get a certified letter from the sheriff's tax office saying that you have 30 days to rectify the situation, or they will steal your house and sell it to someone else.

For 1 year's worth of taxes!

It's not like I've been ignoring our taxes for 5 or 10 years; I forgot to pay them last year.

Dear online friends, my daughter Vada has been collecting these Woolworths Disney cards and was hoping to get the whole set of 100, but she is missing a few and the promotion period is now closed. So if you've shopped at Woolworths (Australia) lately and have any spares of the following, we would be so grateful and happily pay for postage.

7, 8, 12-15, 24-26, 29-32, 40, 41, 58, 59, 75, 78, 87, 88, 98

Thanks so much. Boosts welcome. :BoostOK:

#DisneyCards #Disney #Woolworths #Cards

Holy wow. My personal property taxes went from $225/year for my Ford Escape, up to $570/year for my Kia Niro EV.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: If the punishment for breaking a law is a fine, then that law only exists for the poor.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this new pattern of splitting login forms into 2 separate forms, where they ask for your username on one form, then you have to submit that before they ask for your password?

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