If I'm reading this correctly, it looks like, if I were to migrate my current Mastodon profile over to a different server, I would lose all of my current followers/following. Is that right? If so, I'm not sure I want do that.

@cgrymala no that's not correct*. for folks you follow, that's an export/import. For folks that follow you, there's part of the protocol which alerts them of your new name. It's "fragile" in the sense that their server might not honor it, for instance, but in practice my understanding is most do

* I have not done this, I have only investigated it.

@woodwardjd @cgrymala I've moved once and this was my experience. I had to option to bring my *followers* along automatically. I did a CSV export/import of the people that I follow. Worked pretty well.

@redcrew @cgrymala This. One caution, from my own experience, is you need to be patient on busy servers as it can all take a while.

@chris @redcrew @cgrymala and it seems like a lot of servers are really busy these days!

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