The kidlet & I are planning to make a pumpkin roll sometime soon. I was looking at recipes, and they all say to use a "jelly roll pan", so, out of curiosity, I looked up the differences between a jelly roll pan and a cookie sheet. The articles I read made it sound like the 2 were completely different things, so I looked up jelly roll pans to buy, and all of the results were exactly the same as the cookie sheets I have.


Yes, I understand that I couldn't use 1 of those cookie sheets that's totally flat with no edges, but all of the articles made it sound like a traditional "baking sheet" (which I guess is a half-sheet, usually) wasn't acceptable at all for jelly rolls.

@cgrymala Huh. Maybe specific to nonstick or something? I got nothin. (I've never made a pumpkin roll, so idk there.)

@farktal I did make a "roll" years ago, and just used a plain baking sheet, so, I'm hopeful the pumpkin roll will turn out okay.

@farktal the articles did also say that jelly roll pans are traditionally aluminum, but, so are the baking sheets I have.

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