Got a new keyboard and mouse today, and they're both much lower-profile than my old ones, so this will take some serious getting used to. My old ones were USB, and these are Bluetooth (with a USB option if I want to use that), so, hopefully I'll avoid the poor performance/slowdowns I was experiencing through USB. They're also rechargeable, so I don't have to worry about replacing AA and AAA batteries anymore.

@cgrymala What did you get? For what it’s worth I really haven’t had BT issues with my mouse and keyboards over the years. My current keyboard is USB but I’ll gladly go back to wireless next time.

@chris I ended up with some no name brand, but, so far, they seem to be working pretty well.

Yeah, my USB wireless keyboard & mouse were really struggling lately (especially if I was running a resource-intensive process); to the point that I'd have to press the same button on the keyboard 5 or 6 times before it would recognize it, then would type the same character 15 times in a row for no reason. I don't know if it was a RAM issue or some sort of interference.

@chris As a bonus, this keyboard/mouse combo can switch between 2 different bluetooth connections, so, I can theoretically use them for my desktop and for the Raspberry Pi I have hooked up in my office (I currently have a 2nd keyboard/mouse combo that I use for that).

@cgrymala oye. That kinda lag would drive me crazy too. Glad these will do double duty. I miss that from my last mouse (when it died, during the pandemic, the only thing in stock was an Apple Magic Trackpad so I switched to that)

@cgrymala This sounds like something I've been looking for. Which keyboard and mouse combo did you go with?

@cgrymala I really like the Bluetooth option. I love my Logitech keyboard and mouth combo, but I do get some "stuttering" and lag from time to time that I blame on the USB connection.

@cmccullough yeah, I was having serious issues with my USB connection. They're non-existent with the Bluetooth connection, and, if Bluetooth does cause issues for some reason, this combo has a USB backup option.

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