We have acquired an extra outdoor cat, and are looking for someone to take it off our hands. It's very friendly (almost aggressively so), and needs someone to love it and care for it.

It's a very pretty tuxedo cat. With as affectionate as it is, we assume it must have been someone's pet at some point, but they must have abandoned it a while ago.

If you're interested, let us know. We've contacted a few rescues, but they're all over capacity (or they've shuttered).

If you drive a car that uses gasoline, and you have a Sheetz anywhere near you, you should fill up with E88 this week. It's on sale for $1.999/gallon until Nov. 28.

What a terrible way to word a poll question. They don't tell you what "the alternative" is. Is it "Republicans gaining a strong majority" or "Democrats holding a slim majority"?

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