Well, debit cards are about to become basically pointless (for me, at least). Since the beginning, I've always used it as an alternative debit card for my bank account (one which provides me with rewards when I use it). I never actually hold money in my PayPal account.

This fella decided to visit us this morning just off our back porch here at the beach.

Very weird. Apparently the new desktop app is just a chromeless web browser. This is what I'm seeing when I try to open it right now.

Here's an updated photo from this afternoon, now that the AQI has gone into the red. Notice that the trees up on the mountain in the background are virtually invisible, now.

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Guess we're getting some mild haze from the wildfires again. On a normal day, we can see the trees on that mountain in the background as clearly as we can see the tree in the foreground. I could tell just by looking at it that we're probably in the yellow category, and, based on the wildfire maps, I'm correct. Once we get up into the orange and red, we can't even see that mountain anymore.

Is there any way to disable _just_ the Twitter blocks/widgets in on , or would I have to disable the whole "Extra Sidebar Widgets" module? I'm kind of surprised the feature hasn't just been stripped out of JetPack at this point, since it doesn't even work on their own website anymore. jetpack.com/support/jetpack-bl

This is only the 2nd or 3rd time we've seen a goldfinch this season. I'm always so excited when we do.

Our local chipmunk has figured out how to get up on our bird feeder. It's rather amusing to watch the little fella munch on bird food at its source, rather than taking the food the birds throw on the ground.

If anyone needs even a little bit of gas, and they have a nearby, they're having a sale today, with all grades of gasoline being $1.776/gallon.

Nemo has decided to play house today, having spent the whole day yesterday sleeping (and hiding once the fireworks started).

Let's say I have a set of custom fields that have their own save button/action, so they're not saved when a user updates a page/post. How do I exclude those fields from the default `beforeunload` watcher that warns you when you try to leave the edit page without saving your changes?

So, yeah, if you buy these, don't expect them to taste like regular marshmallows.

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