For Mama Sox, there's 2 sides to every door: the side she's currently on, and the side she wants to be on, and they always seem to be in opposition.

@taoofcoffee when we used to visit my dad's family in northern Wisconsin, folks would ask us where we're from. We'd tell them Virginia, and many would assume we meant the town in Minnesota rather than the state of Virginia.

In the wake of Tennessee's anti-drag bill, Maren Morris just dared officials to 'f***ing arrest me' after revealing that she...{gasp!}...introduced her 3-year-old son to drag queens at a benefit concert she headlined.

Now that is an ally! Watch the epic moment here:

@Jeffro yeah, a telephoto lens would be really cool, but the 4x optical zoom on my phone still does a pretty good job.

One of our neighborhood woodpeckers came to visit this morning. We've seen it once or twice this year, but this was the first time we've seen it stop to eat.

Donations needed to help the poor cat we had living on our patio. She was sick when she showed up at our house a few months ago, and seems to have only gotten worse. We found a rescue to take her, and they are exhausting a lot of their funds trying to make sure she is brought back to good health. Please help if you are so inclined.

@twwoodward Thanks. A lot of validators still don't like that, but they have less of an issue with it than the other method.

If you have a JS variable defined in a `<script>` tag, and you want to reference that variable inside of a JS file, what's the proper way to check for and make sure that variable is defined without potentially throwing errors? It seems like you can't use `let` or `const` more than once, but script validators get upset if you just use something like `myvar = myvar || {}` without a `let` or `const` declaration.

@jackbrewster yeah, it took me longer to copy <1 TB of small files (mostly git repos) than it did to copy ~7 TB of large files (music, videos and images).

@jackbrewster depending on the files (a few large files copy faster than a bunch of small files), it's not fast no matter how you do it.

I just open-sourced a couple repositories that make it easy to get started working with the US Web Design System (USWDS).

The basic idea is that it should be easy to spin up a single page on github pages that uses the USWDS, but their installation instructions are challenging to follow and use tools that aren't ideal.

One uses a plain HTML page:

The other uses next.js and react:

Both include accessibility checking by default

@OldAintDead I'm the same way. While we don't "binge" in the way a lot of folks do, we do tend to watch 1 episode each day, so, it's frustrating when episodes only drop once/week

Well, my money troubles are over everybody! I just got a letter telling me that a long lost relative died in Canada 10 years ago, and they can't find any other relatives to disburse the money to besides me. I'll just have to split the 9.2 million with the money manager that brought it to my attention.

I should probably inform my cousin that he's been dead for 10 years, though; I don't think anyone told him.

Just so we’re clear here, Florida wants to ban children from discussing their periods but also wants student athletes to report their periods, in case you were still unclear about how fucking dumb these people are.

What is the difference between cats and commas? 

Cats have claws at the end of their paws, commas are the pause at the end of a clause!


Finally got around to watching Glass Onion. Very frenetic, and I can definitely see parallels with Poker Face, but it was a fun film with a phenomenal cast.

"scream" is a movie series about how bad it is to receive a phone call

Thing 2 received 10 separate W2s for last year, and spent well more than half the year not employed. Let's hope this year is better (I think he's already worked his current job longer than he worked any single place last year, but, by the law of averages, he still has time to try at least 9 more jobs this year).

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