Ok. For some reason, we're back to getting ads for small/local businesses that are based out of the greater Chicago area again, despite the fact that we're in the greater DC area.

At least they're not political ads, though.

Remember when McGruff the Crime Dog was used in PSAs about actual crimes? Now he's whining about knockoff video game controllers.

Interesting move. Given the movement in the real-time social feed landscape, the guy who co-created FriendFeed is on the loose again.

Bret Taylor steps down as co-CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff stays on as CEO

#BretTaylor #Salesforce #FriendFeed #RealTimeSocialMedia


@waldoj I'm a little surprised to see the Ioniq 5 & EV6 listed above the Kona and Niro EVs. The latter models start $10k lower than the former models. Even the top-of-the-line Niro EV (which is what I have) is <$50k


Everyone, please just get your Bivalent Booster. Let's try not to sicken or kill each other unnecessarily this holiday season.

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I'm over the "pandemic of the unvaccinated and undervaccinated" stuff but ONLY 11% HAVE RECEIVED THE BIVALENT BOOSTER.

Boosters will save more American lives than our military ever could. You shouldn't be able to turn on anything with out a reminder to get that bivalent booster. twitter.com/JReinerMD/status/1

FWIW, they did offer to repair it themselves, but also said "a lot of times, customers aren't happy with our work, so it might be better just to pay for it", so, that tells you everything you need to know about that

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Got in touch with the contractor this morning. They're going to pay to repair the sidewalk. Now I have to find a contractor that's willing to do such a small job, and then let the original contractor know how much they say it's gonna cost, so I can get a check.

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I learned when I lived in Canada, when bus workers went on strike over Black Friday, that the only time corporate barons share the wealth is when they will lose even more money if they don't compromise. Was it disruptive? You bet. Did it impact alot of people? You bet. Did the bus workers get the bathroom breaks they asked for? You bet. We often blame "the strikers" for the disruption. What kind of company refuses to give you bathroom breaks? Sick pay? The barons are to blame. Not the workers.

@redcrew Yeah, I had leftover turkey rice yesterday, and it was more like turkey & rice than turkey rice soup. It was still very good.

@redcrew It turned out really well. The stock was much better than my previous attempts (in the past, I've boiled the carcass, which required more water; this time, I pressure-cooked it with only 2 quarts, so it was very flavorful). The turkey rice soup was fantastic; the turkey noodle was very good.

@redcrew weird. When I did it, it showed the full price, but showed a coupon lower down on the checkout page that applied 50% off for this year (renewal at full price).

Do you see a spot to enter a coupon code? If so, and if it's blank, try entering "WINTER50" there and see if that fixes it.

I should note, I think it only applies to annual subscriptions.

Today's the day!

Join web folks around the world in celebrating Blue Beanie Day, an international celebration of web standards, the open web, and accessibility.

#WebStandards #BlueBeanieDay #accessibility

@redcrew it seems to be back, now. Now I have to contact their office to see what they're going to do about our sidewalk.

I've been watching bits & pieces, but not nearly as much as I normally would, because of the issues with the host country.

Awesome. The contractors hired by our internet provider came today to bury our fiber-optic line, and, in the process, they've shattered a section of our sidewalk, and knocked out our internet service.

@dtyler321 I literally don't think I've listened to anything on Spotify this year except for my weekly Release Radar playlists, so my end of year thing should be interesting

@reedpiernock I resubscribed so the kidlet could watch the new Criminal Minds, but I'll definitely be binging Perry Mason and a few others (and will probably finally check out Evil)

Just resumed my subscription to Paramount Plus, as they were offering 50% off to new & returning subscribers today. We'd been wanting to renew at some point, and this seemed like a great time to do so.

Decided to make 2 small pots of so tonight. Made a pot of turkey rice and a pot of turkey noodle. We usually don't have any leftovers when I make 1 pot this size, so I made 2 different kinds to ensure leftover soup tomorrow.

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