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This seems like a weird coincidence. I assume I missed something in the news about spreading gossip? /cc @waldoj @Meyerweb

and the brain-genius typed "no one would do anything without a profit motive!" and hit send on a button rendered by an open source front end framework firing off an event handled by an open source programming language that sends a packet in a format conforming to an open specification over a protocol developed at universities with public funding until it reaches a web server running an open source operating system that files the hot take away into an open source database for safe keeping

When I was growing up, all cars had a hood ornament and/or a bump in the middle of the hood, so it was easy to learn how to line up your car with the right edge of the road/lane. These days, it's much more difficult, because there is no landmark on the hood to use for that.

I don't know whether there are just a lot more "celebrities" these days than there were in the past, or if "celebrities" are dying at an alarming rate, but it seems like there are announcements about young influencers dying almost every day, lately.

Woke up feeling crummy this morning. It's not unusual for me to feel this way when the weather changes the way it has over the past 24-36 hours, so I was hoping that my morning coffee would make feel better, as it does a lot of the time. It didn't. Then I was hoping my hot shower would make me feel better; it didn't. So, no church for me this morning. Hoping I'll feel better by tomorrow.

Is there anyone out there who has been able to create a single navigation widget for Elementor that outputs an accessible menu, willing to share? I'm switching customers to blockbased themes but some are stuck on E for various reasons.
A retweet for reach is highly appreciated.

Wait. The Ghost Brothers just got introduced to a machine called the "Onvoy 3000", and none of them made a "Hey Ya" or OutKast reference? I am disappoint.

Developers, PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, don't disable pasting into password fields.

We all want to use more secure passwords, but if for some reason our password manager doesn't work with your site or app, having to 10-finger a long password is annoying.

We finally won trivia tonight! I'm so happy. We've come in 2nd twice, and come in 3rd or 4th a bunch of times, but this is the first time since we started going in April that we won 1st place!

Neat. Bought a bluetooth meat thermometer on clearance a month or so ago, and just tried to use it. The thermometer seems to work fine, but I can't use the bluetooth functionality, because the necessary app no longer exists. Oh well.

I know this isn't the first time I've mentioned this (far from it), but it still really annoys me that, when I "buy" a digital copy of a movie, I don't get to actually own it. I just have access to it as long as the company hosting it sees fit. This is why, still, >90% of the time, I buy the physical copy instead of or in addition to the digital copy.

Happy April Fools day to everyone who thinks the US date format is weird 🎉

Disney: "Actually, you can't, because you already have a Disney account (you know, your existing Disney+ account) with that email address."
Me: "Okay, but if I sign into Disney Movie Insiders with that email address, I don't have any reward points."
Disney: "...?"

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Disney: "You should link your Disney+ account with your Disney Movie Insiders account to get reward points every month from your subscription"
Me: "Cool, let me do that."
Disney: "Actually, you can't, because your Disney+ account & your Disney Movie Insiders account use different email addresses. You need to update your Disney Movie Insiders account to use your Disney+ email"
Me: "Cool. I'll update my account."

Apparently, if you buy a bunch of Command hooks/strips, and keep them sitting around for a while until you need them, they lose their stickiness completely, so they're worthless and you wasted a lot of money.

I'm not talking about ones you used; I'm talking about the ones still sitting in their packages.

Finally watched Top Gun: Maverick. It was pretty good. A nice nod to the original, and a nice tribute to Val Kilmer. It's almost scary just how much they were able to make Miles Teller look like Anthony Edwards.

Obviously, the idea of a 60-year-old being able to do half of the things Tom Cruise did in the film is absolutely ridiculous, but, it is a movie.

Spent the afternoon playing games and eating snacks with my parents.

We even broke out Dark Tower and played it for a while. It's incredible that it still works, and that it's still fun. It's even more incredible that no one has re-released that game.

Apparently it sells for ~$400+ on eBay, etc because it's so rare to have a working, complete version.

I was so excited about Sherlock Holmes I didn’t realize MC Escher’s works also entered the public domain today!!

Wait. Phineas went solo? He's not playing with his brother Ferb anymore?

Did everyone else watching Ryan Seacrest lose their audio, or is it just us?

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