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Anyone else unable to login to I get to the page, and it just shows me a logo, but never actually loads the login page. Looks like there might be some JS errors keeping it from loading the way it should.

So, following Apple's lead on pronunciation, I suppose the new movie with Vin Diesel should simply be pronounced "Fasten", right?

How many cats do you know that can actually climb a chainlink fence? Mama Sox is very adept at climbing over our 6' chainlink fence. I don't mean jumping on things to get over it; I literally mean climbing it, like a very small person might.

Using my Traeger for the 3rd time today. I do enjoy the ease of using it quite a bit, and the fact that it uses low power, and the way it's designed means that I can use it anytime, regardless of weather (my other standard electric smokers need a fully-dedicated circuit, where this one can be used in a regular outlet).

That said, I really wish it had an agitator in the pellet hopper. My pellets aren't feeding into the auger properly (even with brand new pellets), so it keeps shutting off

once again i am asking the people of fediverse,

who are your bipoc punk/rock faves? i will take pop, alt, folk, metal, and indie variants too, i just want people of color who scream their feelings to listen to

I couldn't convince ChatGPT that the capital of West Virginia is Huntington (it's not, it's Charleston), until I told it to check (which of course it cannot do), which caused it to finally concede the point.

Consider this your periodic reminder that ChatGPT doesn't "think" anything but is just completing sentences with statistically-likely conclusions.

When you order something from Amazon, and they update the tracking info to say "package arrived at Amazon facility", what do you suppose that really means? I mean, it was always at an Amazon facility.

Bummer. Apple is increasing the price of Apple TV Plus by 40% from $49.99/year to $69/year.

I love Apple TV Plus, and will most likely renew in July, but that's a steep hike.


The burgers turned out pretty good. Not really smoky, since they only cooked for about 20 minutes. The flavor was kind of like cooking partially on a gas grill and partially on a charcoal grill.

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Got my new Traeger yesterday. Opened it today, and performed the "initial firing". Going to test it out tonight with some burgers, then will really take it for a test drive tomorrow with a few racks of ribs.

Some sad news: Heather Hamilton (aka Heather Armstrong), who wrote the popular and influential Dooce, died yesterday. She was 47 years old.

Have already seen or heard several journos who ought to know better say that Trump was found "guilty" of sexual abuse and "not guilty" of rape. No. It was a civil trial, and you're either liable or not liable. This has been a public service announcement. #journalism

Anyone else with Echo devices having issues with them this evening? Some things work fine, but others don't. I've tried a few times to make announcements, but it keeps saying "Sorry, something went wrong, try again later"

This is a baby spotted lantern fly. Slap the shit outta these on sight (if you’re in the US).

Is Evil Dead Rise a sequel to the 2013 remake of Evil Dead, or is it just supposed to be a new standalone?

After I finished listening to the new Therapy? album that came out today, my music service automatically started playing Faith No More, and I don't think I realized before now just how well those 2 bands go together.

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