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Tomorrow. Patio at 50/50 Taphouse opens at 11:30, worship service starts at 1:30.

Where else can you be part of such an open service while also drinking a liter of Oktoberfest beer and eating a burger and/or some wings?

No Mastodon, I do not ever want to use a hashtag in all lower case, stop suggesting it. #CamelCase is the #Accessibility option.

Correction. I just noticed that it's not happening on the walking mall this year; it's happening at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley.

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As they do each year, will be celebrating this weekend (they postpone it from the summer in order to include the college community). If you're in the area, come to the walking mall and help celebrate on Saturday, and then come to 50/50 Taphouse on Sunday for the Pride worship service.

PSA to update all your Apple ecosystem devices as soon as humanly possible today, the security patch is for a pretty severe 0-day exploit actively being used to compromise devices by threat actors right now

More info on how the exploit works:

Whether you’re a serious gamer or just looking for a break in the day, the Flash Games Software Library has options for any level of computer gaming. 🕹️ Even better, the games can be played right in your browser!

Lots of lightning last night when they were calling for "severe thunderstorms", but I didn't hear any thunder, and I don't think we got more than a couple drops of rain. The lightning I saw last night seemed mostly to be heat lightning, and it was kind of blue instead of the typical yellow/orange.

Now, I'm hearing thunder, but it's sunny and clear, and I'm not seeing any lightning.

This is weird.

Even if you get your cat from IKEA, some people still have trouble with the simple assembly instructions.

The 3rd provider decided to run a blood test, and it came back positive for mono this morning. Not sure what that means for her, as that usually takes weeks, if not months, to recover from.

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Somehow, the managed to pick up mono during her first week of kindergarten. Took 3 trips to 3 different providers to get that answer. The first said there was nothing wrong with her, despite the fact that she woke up in the middle of the night with a temp of 103.5 and vomited. The 2nd said there wasn't anything they could do for her, but it was probably viral, despite the fact that she woke again with a temp of 105 and vomited (and now had white specks on her swollen tonsils)

It is impossible to overstate the impact Molly had on the web. Without her work as part of the web standards movement I am convinced the web would be an utterly different place. If you work on the web today you might not have heard of Molly but your job is easier because her.

My first paid speaking gig in tech was with Molly E. Holzschlag, in 2007. I remember hanging out with her during the break when a man walked up to her, complimented her on the talk, and then tried tone policing her. And, dear reader, I watched that man get torn a brand new asshole that day.

Much of the shit you hate about the web, she fought tooth and nail. If you’ve never heard of her, read up. She was a force of nature.

May her memory be a blessing.

Made a pilgrimage tonight to a very special place we haven't been in years. We _might_ have gone a _little_ overboard. #donuts #Krumpes

I don't know if it's a limitation of the Android app, or if it's a limitation of, or if it's a limitation of Pixelfed itself, but the location tagging seems completely useless to me. I try to search, and it only brings up places that seem to be in Eastern Europe, and I don't see any way to add custom locations.

Over the past few months, I have become keenly aware of how frustrating it is to not be able to tell how full your water heater is. There should be some indicator that tells you how full it is (I guess there are some models that do, but ours definitely doesn't).

While they're at it, they should also put some sort of visual thermostat so you can tell when the water has heated back up again.

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Installed a whole-house water filtration system and replaced our water softener. It took 2 days and multiple trips to multiple Lowe's and Home Depots, but we got it done.

Hopefully, now our water won't be so hard anymore, and I'm really hoping it will be safe to drink (we're on a well on old farm land, so coliform is a given, which is why I got a filter system that disinfects).

I ordered some test kits so that I can verify the disinfection is working properly in the next day or so.

The #grandniblet is sitting next to me giving me dirty looks, while the #grandnugget (who turned 6 yesterday) is sitting quietly watching her tablet.
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