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I miss written tutorials. I hate how every tutorial is a YouTube now. I don’t want to watch 15 minutes and forget to pay attention for the second that has the detail that I am missing or it just doesn’t show. Even short tutorials are 3 minutes when it could have been a ten second read. I want to skim a page and go directly to the point. Has writing really become that hard to do?

<-- he says, finally actually tuning into a session of the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit that started almost 3 hours ago

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My biggest challenge with online conferences is that without traveling anywhere it's wayyyyyyyy easier to get sucked back into the regular work flow and miss a lot of it :(

Happy Friday, folks! Time is running out to join us for HighEdWeb’s accessibility summit next week. Approachable, online, affordable professional development. Join us, will you?

Seems to be the difference between toots (tho stats never update without clicking even on those) and boosts (no activity at all without going to original)

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I know decentralized is a big part of the challenge but is there a way to configure Mastodon so that replies and activity show up on feed posts without actually going over to that person's home server?

It feels like it shouldn't be that hard to see activity on a post that's in your own feed.

Really impressed by the collective brainpower and strategy it took Amazon to deliver 5 items from the same order today, in 5 separate packages, and in 2 separate trips to my house.

Make it make sense.


Sallie Mae is about as well run a banking provider as you'd expect from your student loan experience.

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Finally sent an internal message through Sallie Mae's terrible banking app about the feature they broke with my account, after failing to get through to someone on their underresourced and crap hours call center, and their response is for security purposes they have to speak to me on the aforementioned underresourced call center.

Thanks for solidifying my decision to close your worthless acct, which mind you was opened entirely ONLINE.

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The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a web designer who had never actually designed a website, for a man who was not LGBTQ and didn't even know his name was involved in a Supreme Court case, for a wedding that never existed, and a solicitation that was completely manufactured by a group of far right lawyers, I guess so they could make discrimination legal. A very legitimate court.

ETA link to story.

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You already should've known how to vote in 2024, but in case you didn't:

The Trump Supreme Court said it was not okay to discriminate on the basis of race to ensure diversity in colleges,
But it is okay for businesses to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation,
And if you have student debt, screw you.

Make your voice heard. Vote for equity and fairness in 2024.

This just in: the conservative majority of the current US Supreme Court continues to, more often than not, be entirely composed of people with a very skewed misrepresentation of history, the present, and precedent. Sigh.

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Repeat after me: Blocking paste on a form textbox is not a security feature.

Got to love coming all the way into the office to find campus internet connection is down. Unplanned WFH it is.

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I've been trying not to pay any attention to the tire fire that is BirdChan, but Elno just came out and banned the word #cisgender as hate speech. It's not a race to free speech over there, it's a race to be the far right social network.

Christened the Pit Boss knockoff of Traeger’s tailgater this afternoon with a beef eye round dry brined. Result does not suck. Might have to look for a bigger one end of this season…

Well, I hope it doesn’t bode particularly badly for those affected by the Turkish Airlines settlement that my email address is in their records as the contact for 4 distinct claimants, and I’ve never flown Turkish Airlines… whoopsie

Gave up after 40 minutes on hold waiting for what should’ve been but a few minutes’ business, which has been on the todo list for weeks because they’re only M-F business hours support. Who’s the worst at banking customer service and why is it Sallie Mae?

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