When you decide to spend just a little bit of time on your slide deck for a talk this week, and then realize it is 2:30am and you are not the least bit sleepy. 😳

On a related note, I am super excited to be speaking at WordPress Accessibility Day 2023 this week!

Plot a course!: Creating Accessible SVG Charts in WordPress @ 9/28, 02:00 UTC

Registration is free!


The USPS will start shipping free COVID-19 tests again. You can start placing orders next Monday, September 25


#Covid #Covid19 #CovidTests

Found on my run. I have no idea what it is, but it is pretty (and probably extremely poisonous).

Dear running apps: It would be amazing if your apps told me how far I am from the start of my run.

This is different from how far I have run already. Sometimes I run weird routes and would love an in-app idea of how far I am from home.

PSA to update all your Apple ecosystem devices as soon as humanly possible today, the security patch is for a pretty severe 0-day exploit actively being used to compromise devices by threat actors right now support.apple.com/en-us/HT2139

More info on how the exploit works: citizenlab.ca/2023/09/blastpas

@farktal Ditto. I end up not attending any sessions or put a session on in the background. I have similar issues with tuning into recordings after the fact. Why is prioritizing professional development so hard?!

By the way, if this isn’t part of your conference prep, it should be. It hasn’t gone away, it’s just got ignored.

I released a new version of my WordPress Block Controller plugin yesterday, with some fun updates to the block inventory pages.

Bonus: the plugin no longer crashes the post editor on network sites! (That bug was 😭)

you can add emoji to a folder name in the Chrome bookmarks toolbar and that is a game changer for me. (I need color and pictures to sort things.)

@sachagreif Loving the option to bookmark topics. There are many things in here that I have not heard of. I really appreciate that this is creating a "to-read" list for me. 👌🏼

I'm finding social media management to be overwhelmingly impossible, so I'm trying out Rambox in an effort to be more social. 👋🏼

@mackensen I like that! I really want to engage more here.

I'm a bit split between two worlds because I engage with both higher ed / web developer folks, and also kidlit / picture book authors.

This Mastodon space is great for finding a dev audience, but Twitter is still has a much more robust kidlit community (for now?). I'm thinking I might divide my engagement with each platform by "world".

So, now I'm on Mastodon, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have no idea what to post where anymore. Anyone else in the same boat?

My plan is to stay up super late tonight for the 1am launch (I'm in EST), but it's only noon and I can barely keep my eyes open. This does not bode well.

Yup. I've been on Mastodon for a minute and decided to switch servers. I feel like this one fits better.

Still have no idea what I'm doing, but follow me for randomness about , , and .

(I'm guessing this server is not a core audience for that last one, but it's a good chunk of my life.)

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