Give me two hours to create a good tutorial document and I will save you hours repeating myself on support tickets.

Developers: We love consistent and predictable front end code for scraping and automation!
The platform: So, web standards?
Developers: lol no

Technology should really make accessibility hoop jumping easier, not harder.

And so I wave goodbye to short lunch lines on campus. Farewell, easy lunch rush. I will see you again this summer.

OK, I no longer want to be called a night owl when "I keep congressional hours" is a much more dignified way to say "I get my best work in around noon and midnight."

Interesting discovery when testing use cases for ChatGPT: It is really handy for things like "I need articles responding to this particular person's writings." I have an easy enough time tracing bibliographies back up the "food chain" but moving "forward in time" through a chain of still gives me headaches. honestly made that super simple. Asked and got three article recommendations. From there I can do "more like" searches easily.

First day back from break and I am already wondering what 2022 me was thinking with certain notes on where projects were left off. I feel like I need to make a documentation guide for myself. 😂

Looking at BU's School of Public Health's move off Twitter and thinking about how this is going to be a conversation many a higher ed social media dept is going to be having in the new year. I've already got a tiny document of notes on Mastodon going.

I am so sad that I don't live near more used bookstores... and that the ones I live near are often focused on high-end old books rather than "someone sold all their books to us" type materials. I love perusing used copies of philosophy books for people's notes scribbled in the margins, but those are in short supply near me lately!

We could move all communications off of social media and into the .

Let me take that back...

We *should* move all communications off of social media and into the .

You know, coming to Mastodon, I was worried I was going to lose track of a lot of people. Since I'm not following Twitter avidly anymore, I am missing people posting their new usernames. Discovery is a bit harder here.

And then the federated timeline brings @TheRaDR into my feed out of nowhere and you know what? The internet just has my back.

I need to visualize the concept of how files share in a particular system for our least technical users. Does anyone have suggestions on what application to use to make such a graphic? I'd rather use icons than labeled boxes with arrows; it feels more intuitive that way.

*shuts down laptop*
I think that's enough internet for today

*picks up phone*
Let's see what the pocket sized internet is doing

I've been thinking a lot about filter bubbles today. I have two different Mastodon accounts at the moment and the perceptions I have of Mastodon as a whole via the federated timelines are VASTLY different. Namely, just skimming the "trending" hashtags under explore seems to be a good litmus of who is in your network.

I think as time goes on, having multiple Mastodon accounts might be the best way to go. It can be hard to stumble on new ideas from just one account's perspective.

AT THE TOP OF THE HOUR: Join author Sarah Lamdan for a discussion about her recent book, Data Cartels: The Companies that Control & Monopolize Our Information. Can't make it in time? Register to receive a link to the session recording.

Enrollees of @SaraSoueidan’s #PracticalA11y #accessibility training course get 6-months of access to Assistiv Labs at no extra charge! 💅

#a11y #ftw

In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we’ve collab’ed with Assistiv Labs to give away 2 seats to Sara’s course! 🥳

We love Sara and Assistiv Labs for their commitment to web accessibility! 💪

To be eligible to win, boost this post before 5pm Pacific Time on December 5. We’ll pick 2 lucky people at random to attend Practical Accessibility for free! 🤑

Recently I've received many questions about how to make headings both accessible and optimized for search engines because “SEO experts” said you should do this or that.

Google doesn't care how you structure your headings, their experts say “SEO shouldn't be your primary objective. Instead, think about your users”.

“Setting up a screen reader testing environment on your computer”

Goes into far more detail than I did in my post earlier this month (which now links to this one). Particularly useful for macOS-only users. #a11y

Is anyone interested in writing a last minute blog post about HTML (a11y, usability, security, or performance) for the HTMHell advent calendar? Any length and topic.
I kinda still need 8 more articles because way more people than expected didn't deliver. 😬

Deadline is December 10th.

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