I was today years old when a coworker told me that "Command + Shift + S" (or the equivalent) brings back the workspace pane in redesigned Slack.

When did you start using Mastodon / the fediverse?
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Using data to show how Austrian supermarkets trick consumers, and likely illegally collude between themselves


I think the Slack redesign is perfectly cromulent if you're only logged in to one team (or only care about notifications from one team).

I read Arthur C. Clarke's "The Sands of Mars" for the first time after seeing a positive recommendation from Alan Brown on Tor: tor.com/2023/06/27/a-science-f. I've always enjoyed Clarke's optimistic near-future hard SF (the first Rama and 2001 are good examples) and this is similar, if more personal. Highly recommend.

IAM issues in AWS us-east-1. Time to execute our emergency action plan for when this happens mid-afternoon: tea.

I'm on BluSky now too: bsky.app/profile/mackensen.bsk. I'm not sure how I'm going to use that space yet; I mostly wanted it because parts of college football twitter migrated there, though I see some HighEdWeb folks are there already.

When I get rich and famous I'm going to hire someone to get the bottom of why compiling PHP with OpenSSL on a Mac is one of computing's

Part of that hard-working group of American and Canadian actors who settled in the UK in the 70s and 80s, now largely gone--William Hootkins, Richard Le Parmentier, Shane Rimmer, Bruce Boa, Don Fellowes.

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Gayle Hunnicutt has died. Among other roles, she was Irene Adler opposite Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes in the 1984 Granada adaptation of "A Scandal in Bohemia" and she was wonderful. theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2

I got up at 6:30ish yesterday morning to do a code fix on our production LMS. Fifteen minutes ago, I watched Wyoming knock off Texas Tech. Now? I'm half asleep in my recliner watching Coastal Carolina and UCLA throw rocks at each other (metaphor). Truly the best time of year.

1.4 Capronas (50 minutes) before we get underground in the 1959 Journey to the Center of the Earth (letterboxd.com/film/journey-to). It could have lost a lot of the stuff in Edinburgh and Reykjavik.

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Nothing has made me want to learn Python more than trying to understand async behavior in Javascript.

My faculty colleagues think I spend all day ensuring the stability of Moodle and the like. What I actually do is email abuse@ contacts because of scripts hitting our search endpoint.

Not naming names but I'm sending angry vibes at a certain legacy registrar this evening.

I may blog a little about this later, but Portland, Oregon, is redesigning the southwest part of its bus network: humantransit.org/2023/08/portl. Changes are designed to boost areas that are either (1) high ridership or (2) have low-income or high minority populations.

I remember having some difficulty back in 2019 when was at Lewis and Clark. The campus itself isn't near anything, and connections were poor.

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