About a year ago, I moved even further north and dreamed a dream to play ice hockey.

Started an ice hockey class in March. While practicing my ice skating outside of class, I injured my shoulder. Had to quit hockey class and do months of PT.

With my shoulder as good as it was gonna get, started an ice skating class in early November. Sprained my ankle day before Thanksgiving.

Then triggered my shoulder injury over Christmas break.

I think my body is trying to tell me something. 😆

@rachelcherry I feel you. 💜 Tried to start roller derby at 34 and broke my leg in multiple places practicing stopping. I took the hint, but it was tough.

@kait You definitely feel me. It is tough, but my overall physical health and fitness is more important than my dream to play hockey. I like to run and that's taken a big hit over the last year. I haven't been able to really exercise since thanksgiving. And I really need fitness to help with some hormonal issues I have. I can't take the risk that this trend will continue.

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