I've been searching for opportunities to mentor burgeoning front-end devs, and have applied at a few bootcamps/programs. I've been rejected every time because HTML and CSS are basically only very briefly covered, and what they really want are React experts.

I've been a dev for over 20 years, and desperately want to foster a love of front-of-the-front-end development in new devs. I'm frustrated by my career and skills being so disrespected and considered less than.

So fed up with this bullshit.

@reedpiernock I’d also be honored to connect you with any of my students looking for a mentor in this area. Things are quiet for me now because it’s summer, but I’m teaching two sections this fall because my first section filled before registration even opened for undergraduate students (my class is both undergrads and grad students). If you want, I can reach back out once we’re closer and check what your bandwidth is! Your voice and expertise deserves to be heard.

@ashleykolodziej oh goodness, that would be wonderful 😊 You are a delight for suggesting this. Yes please keep me in mind for the fall semester!


@ashleykolodziej @reedpiernock let me know if y’all need any help with this. I would love to be a mentor as well. 💙

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