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It’s my last day in Los Angeles and a dear friend (and ex colleague) gifted me (and my two travel companions) free tickets to Disneyland. So I had to go, right? :)

I finally went to Joshua Tree and it did not disappoint. A huge national park with stunning desert views near Palm Springs. A 2-2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles.

Sometimes I take a lovely stroll with friends around the Hollywood Reservoir. (be sure to zoom in on the second photo)

There’s only one way for me to close out my first day in Los Angeles.

When you have a earlyyyyy flight so you get to the airport an hour before takeoff. And that great feeling when you get through bag check and security and are able to use the restroom, buy a snack, and still get to your gate 15 minutes before boarding. LA, here I come!

Back in April I was taking ice hockey classes and I injured my arm (outside of class). After a couple steroid shots and monthssss of physical therapy, I’m back to normal and want to work on my ice skating before I go back to hockey. Just had my third ice skating class. It was great! My confidence is gaining and someone worked with me on my stops. I’m finally getting the hang of “digging” into the ice. It’s so weird to me since I grew up skating on roller blades. I can’t wait to skate again! 🧊⛸️❄️💙

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