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Sometimes I take a lovely stroll with friends around the Hollywood Reservoir. (be sure to zoom in on the second photo)

There’s only one way for me to close out my first day in Los Angeles.

I haven’t driven in Los Angeles since 2019. We’re about to find out if I still have it in me. LAX 🚙➡️ Pasadena

When you have a earlyyyyy flight so you get to the airport an hour before takeoff. And that great feeling when you get through bag check and security and are able to use the restroom, buy a snack, and still get to your gate 15 minutes before boarding. LA, here I come!

A friend of mine is teaching a college class and wants to make sure they are engaging and accommodating a mostly nonverbal student.

It's an in-person class, and they don't have access to details about what this means specifically, but wanted to make sure they had someone with personal experience helping them research possible accommodations. They will pay for your time and expertise.

Soooo who knows or thinks they can find resources or information on how to make sure an in-person class is accessible? Please share this for better reach. I would especially love to be able to refer them to someone who is personally nonverbal.

I will reply to this with the exact text of their request.



PSA: If you use Twitter to sign in to stuff, you should double check you have another way to get in to those accounts asap. With Twitter charging ??? for API access next week, you have no way of knowing whether the apps you use are going to pay that.

I bought the Econyl Gray and it’s beautiful. I wanted to buy the Rose but was afraid it would show dirt easier. Really happy with the gray.

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FYI I ended up buying this one (I happened to catch it on sale for around $100) and I friggin love it. It supports the weight of my stuff much better (makes it feel lighter).

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For the first time since COVID began, I'm heading back to Los Angeles for a visit! I decided to go all in and rent a place for 3 weeks. I'll be working, exploring, and meeting up with LA-based (and non-LA-based) friends. So, starting Monday, prepare yourself for photos and glee! ♥️

Really excited about the new 2.4.11 guideline in 2.2.

It basically requires front-end web devs and designers to stop changing default focus styles and provide an obvious focus appearance.

Trying to convince folks to not change default focus appearance is something I spend a large amount of my time doing as an online accessibility consultant.

So glad to soon have some backup from the WCAG.

Announcement: I have three brand new talks for your 2023 event. On offer: tech and design #ethics, cloud-based and AI-based development tools, and how to navigate our AI-powered future.

Ping me if you want me at your event, and share my speaker page if you want an event you're attending to bring me in as a speaker!


I’m looking for a new travel work backpack. Something that can hold my laptop and a few accessories.

Anyone seen anything cool recently? Have any recommendations?

I'm very interested in anti-theft design but not required.

🙌 I'm so excited to add this staff position at HighEdWeb!

The assistant executive director will lead and help implement sponsorship, membership and marketing/communications efforts.

I haven’t been to Los Angeles since before COVID and have booked a three week trip next month and I. AM. SO. EXCITED! 🥳

About a year ago, I moved even further north and dreamed a dream to play ice hockey.

Started an ice hockey class in March. While practicing my ice skating outside of class, I injured my shoulder. Had to quit hockey class and do months of PT.

With my shoulder as good as it was gonna get, started an ice skating class in early November. Sprained my ankle day before Thanksgiving.

Then triggered my shoulder injury over Christmas break.

I think my body is trying to tell me something. 😆

Thought Leaders: "Programming will be obsolete within 5 years. All business software will be generated by AIs"

Actual Businesses: "actually we're mainly still on-premise, running on Windows Server 2003 and VBScript ASP, but our two-year plan to migrate everything into a cloud kicked off in 2015 and we're making steady progress."

to all of you lovely humans and friends. May your 2023 be filled with happiness, peace, and adventure. 💙

I have officially been introduced to Github spam.

I received an email notification from Github letting me know I was mentioned in an comment on a random issue in a random repo.

The comment started with "Hey My super private photo and video" along with link and a pile of mentions to about 50 different Github accounts, including mine.

The comment is now gone (was posted yesterday).

Good grief. I didn't know this was a thing. I would like to go back to that please.

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