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2023 proposals are due today!

You can submit a proposal to present in person or remotely. Our Call for Presenters webpage has a session ideas document if you need inspiration.

For 2023, WPCampus is back to hosting in-person events. This year, we are taking a few steps to convert our annual in-person event to a more hybrid format.

- In-person and remote presentations
- Discounted in-person student ticket
- Online-only tickets

Our call for proposals ends this Friday, March 31. If you work in , , or , we'd love to learn from you.

Happy Friday, everyone!

A reminder that next week Friday (March 31) is the deadline to submit proposals for 2023!

We have opened the schedule for remote presentations. If you can't join us in person, we'd love to have you share with our community remotely.

I make a Twitter post for the first time in months and within five minutes I already have a random man giving me unsolicited advice about things I already know.

The news of Lance Reddick's sudden passing yesterday was sharp. What a loss. Most of the headlines mentioned his roles in The Wire and John Wick, but to me, he will always be Phillip Broyles. RIP. 💔

I couldn’t attend this year but am more than happy to help donate to NV Access in support of their event and this wonderful organization. Join me if you can!

The survey is still open:

If you have not filled it out yet, do so.

Also, the results are quite interesting and are a good compare / contrast to the WebAIM survey.
#a11y #accessibility #CSUNATC23

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One of my clients needed me to build an accessible dropdown menu for a horizontal layout. Pretty straightforward.

So I decided to build a pretty basic-looking menu for the framework and share it online.

Let me know what you think:

I submitted a workshop about front-end development to (this October in Buffalo, NY), and I'm really hoping this one gets picked! Last year, my workshop on Svelte was selected but then canceled.

Other than web accessibility, front-end development is my wheelhouse. It's what I do. This would be a lot of fun.

I am so grateful to the community for all it has given me. I will always be a member, but after 8 years, my journey as a leader will end in December.

After a year of work, WPCampus officially ends our leadership transition and announces our inaugural Board of Directors.

It's been a blessing. I can't wait to see what happens next for this lovely group of humans.

#SvelteKit now gives you type-safety for your page data and load functions without you needing to annotate the types yourself! This works for all exports from SvelteKit files (`+page`, `+layout`, `+server`, `hooks`, `params` and so on) and for `data`, `form` and `snapshot` properties in `+page/layout.svelte` files.

All thanks to Svelte maintainer and TypeScript wizard Simon (a.k.a. dummdidumm) 🪄

More details in the blog post:

If you work anywhere near the intersection of , , and , we'd love for you to join us at this summer in New Orleans.

Our call for presenters is open until the end of this month. We'd love to hear about your work, OR you can use this page to let us know what topics you want to hear about at the event.

We'll post an official announcement on the blog soon, but you can learn all about the new Board on the WPCampus website:

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Happy to share that I’m starting a "new" position as "Director and Past-President on the Board of Directors" at !

The WPCampus leadership transition is complete, and a new Board of Directors has been formed.

I will be around for a while, but my almost eight-year role as the only Director has bittersweetly come to an end. It's been a treat, y'all. I'm excited about our community's future and its new leadership.

Seven years after Sara pitched it to the CSS Working Group, we still need a declarative (and intuitive) way to visually-hide content.

"Governance: when to educate your content creators and when to just stop them with code"

"Governance: how to empower people to do things while also telling them all the things they can't do"

It’s my last day in Los Angeles and a dear friend (and ex colleague) gifted me (and my two travel companions) free tickets to Disneyland. So I had to go, right? :)

If you work in or near , , and , I'd love to introduce you to , a community full of like-minded folks!

WPCampus is now on LinkedIn, AND you can purchase tickets for WPCampus 2023, the annual community conference happening this summer in New Orleans.



I finally went to Joshua Tree and it did not disappoint. A huge national park with stunning desert views near Palm Springs. A 2-2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles.

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