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Accessibility for all means using alt text: reminder that the visually impaired are a spectrum of people that want to enjoy your graphics and images. In addition, there are still locations in the world in which high speed internet is not available (I was at one such locale last week) so your high res graphics will be disabled so the users can browse. Use alt text and just provide a simple description of your image. You don't have to interpret it. Just describe it.

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a message to cis people 

When people say "Trans Rights Are Human Rights", what they mean is that our fight is your fight too.

Shall people have bodily autonomy or not?

Shall healthcare be a human right or not?

Shall people have equal rights and opportunities regardless of their gender or not?

If trans people can't have rights, no one has rights, not really. They'll start with us, but it won't end there.

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The more time I spend in tech the more evidence mounts that misunderstanding consent is the root cause of so many issues.

I'm working on my conference presentation, and it's a mix of @eleventy and reveal.js. It's working well! and I'd love to open it up when I'm done

I was winding yarn to knit a vacation/conference shawl, and my Galaxy watch told me I ran a good workout on an elliptical 🙃

Heading to San Antonio in a couple weeks for the PCA/ACA conference. I perfectly packed for a 6-week road trip last fall; why can't I pack for 4 days in a hotel?

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Why do we continue to amplify the voices of white cis men regarding race/gender and alt text/speaker descriptions?

How do we not understand that the lack of intersectionality in this research creates a bias?

As a field of people who claim to consider inclusion and want to remove product bias, how can we so thoughtlessly enable exclusion and bias in our own efforts?

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I am so grateful to the community for all it has given me. I will always be a member, but after 8 years, my journey as a leader will end in December.

After a year of work, WPCampus officially ends our leadership transition and announces our inaugural Board of Directors.

It's been a blessing. I can't wait to see what happens next for this lovely group of humans.

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#CSS file: `flex: calc(sin(var(--pageDepth)) * 0.343) 1 auto;`

Me: weird flex but okay

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Deeply troubling story that I think should make it clearer at the top that this about a bunch of racist, snowflake goons terrorizing a bakery and its young employees because they did a nice thing.

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This is one of those jams that will fuck people up, they think they’re jamming ironically but then suddenly they’re jamming unironically! (stay tuned at 3:13 for the synth riff that got swiped for Smooth Criminal.)

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is it just my brain that has been holeheartedly ruined or do other folks see it too

happy sunday

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A colleague of mine passed on recently. She fought cancer on three separate diagnoses since 2016 all while being a wrestling photographer and single mother. I don't want her forgotten.

Her name was Jess. She never wanted her full legal name out but I know it. She went by the nick name of "The Wrestle Brook" but answered to both.

I interviewed her in 2020 to get her story out there
#womenwhophotograph #photography #prowrestling #cancer #fuckcancer

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Spent a lot of yesterday and today working on this carousel. I took my base pattern and applied it to a few other things. Had a meeting with our product manager and accessibility coordinator earlier and got _great_ feedback. Still no js on this thing! I will never not hate carousels but I'm feeling good about my dev. What a dilemma.

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The whole idea of progressive enhancement is using the power that the web platform gives us for free — specifically, HTML, CSS and JavaScript — to provide a baseline experience for the people who visit our sites and/or apps, and then build on that where appropriate and necessary, depending on the capabilities of the technology that they are using.

These capabilities can and do vary hugely

I bought a new shower mat and it's large and gray and shaped like a happy whale. I think it was meant for babies and whatever I like it anyway. So after my shower I pull up the mat and say "let's hang you up, whaley!"

and yeah so that's how my new shower mat got named Frank.

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