75. Devil

Satan/Devil centered film (3 of 3)

Completely serendipitously, this is the 666th film I logged in Letterboxed. I swear I didn't plan it! 😈

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It's fairly easy to tell which of my letterboxd friends are participating in and which ones aren't.

It's Sci-fi Week at karaoke tomorrow night, so I did some crafting in preparation for our group number with Lady Gaga's "Telephone" ☎️

It feels good to be crafting again! The costume for my solo is almost complete as well.

Everybody talking about apple vision pro but really this is where my brain goes

I'm still finishing coffee I bought while on my road trip, and it makes me so happy just sipping a cup and remembering places I went.

Today's cup is a light roast Costa Rica termico from Motive Coffee in Laramie WY. I bought a lot of coffee in different places but maybe this shop was my favorite. They specialize in roasting their own and the ability to buy a hot cup is somewhat an afterthought. I spent nearly an hour chatting with the owner about coffee, places to live, and my adventures.

As much as I love my work, and desperately want to update my travel blog, having a day for a wellness visit with my nurse, browsing and buying comics, and eating avocado toast is a delightful way to start my holiday break.

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