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Reminder to go to your local library and volunteer to speak on their behalf. Let them know that if folks try to come and ban books that you'll speak publicly against them.

We found out folks were going to be commenting at our library calling for banning books.


We all went and spoke out against them.

Only one person got up and called for a ban. She went first. Everyone after her started calling out her behavior and telling the library staff to keep the books.

The first woman and a couple others soon left before the end of comments.

Drive them out. Protect our libraries.

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✏️ Ableist interactions

(wrote up a few ableist comments I saw this week, with a call to action from Vercel leadership to end their silence)

@cinn48 at some point I'm going to do a content analysis on this

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TERFs are not feminists, they take feminist language and weaponize it.

Their rhetoric is so harmful, that it is often ableist in addition to being transphobic.

Being a woman has nothing to do with our ability to bear children, have periods, or specific anatomy.

78. Knock at the Cabin

LGBTQ+ connected (1 of 1)
post apocalyptic or natural disaster (2 of 2)

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75. Devil

Satan/Devil centered film (3 of 3)

Completely serendipitously, this is the 666th film I logged in Letterboxed. I swear I didn't plan it! 😈

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74. The House That Dripped Blood

Decade: 1970s (4 of 8)
Amicus film (1 of 1)
Peter Cushing (1 of 2)

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68. Eli

Country: United States (1 of 6)
Decade: 2010s (1 of 8)
Satan/Devil centered film (1 of 3)
Something is underground (1 of 1)

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If your accessibility work is not intersectional then it’s upholding white supremacist values.

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Every person working in accessibility has days where they feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained.

To be in a work environment while trying to dismantle systemic ableism, especially while experiencing disability and chronic illness of your own, is a deeply challenging thing.

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