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Hello world! (yes, I had to) Tiffany Broadbent Beker here. I've been in the web/digital/technology space for over 16 years, higher ed for 12. I'm director of digital marketing at William & Mary in Virginia. I'm a relatively new fan of D&D, and longtime fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, cooking, eating tasty food and enjoying tasty beverages wherever they can be found around the world. Looking forward to exploring this new realm.

PSA, if someone asks you for contact info (e.g. a phone number) of someone you know, the correct response is "I can't give that to you, but I can give them yours".

It's efficient and adds no round-trips, it's privacy friendly, it's non-awkward and it's social engineering resistant. It's a universally good rule.

And the corollary, of course: Don't ask someone for another person's contact info - ask them to pass on yours.

Type in your ZIP, and this will tell you which weather app is most accurate for your area:

As an amateur weather nerd, glad to see the service I use at the top of the list: (owned by IBM, btw)

Alrighty folks out there. Can anyone point me in the direction of resources that might explain where Google and Bing are getting different (and wrong) capitalizations of our acronym in results? SUNY =/= Suny and I can't see anything in what *we* provide that could be yielding that.

Beautiful 10-day sequence of Venus and Jupiter drawing together in the western sky. The variety of twilight colors is a sweet bonus.
Photos: Soumyadeep Mukherjee #astronomy #conjunction

Join the community tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 10) at noon EST for a discussion and preview of strategies and tactics from our HighEdWeb 2023 Leadership Academy faculty (@joshuacharles @radiofreegeorgy and Alaina Wiens). After the session is over, we’ll continue the conversation in the HighEdWeb Slack channel. Hope to see you there!


Join the community:

As a followup from my "I'm not at Food52 anymore" post, I spent some time over the weekend putting down my thoughts on what kind of role and more importantly what kind of company I am looking to find.

This includes links to my resume and other such administrivia as well as bonus content linking to great articles by Angela Riggs and the every popular @mipsytipsy


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As part of my last welcome speech as president of last week at the Winter 2023 conference at JMU, I encouraged attendees to “stop, reflect and learn” and, completely unplanned, our keynote speaker Matt Weber from UVA shared a similar message of “pause, reflect, do”. I’ll take it as serendipity that we both had the same idea, and am taking the message to heart by devoting some time to write out a few reflections and lessons learned from my time so far with CCA.

I am sad to say that I am no longer working at Food52 and am starting my search for a new role. My search is early but I know what drives me.

Simply put, solving technical problems and working with others to see them succeed is what brings me joy.

I am likely looking for a Principal/Staff level IC role at a company whose mission I can get behind. Remote-only. My recent experience is with Ruby on Rails, but I love learning new technology.

Any leads are appreciated!

Are you or someone you know switching to #1Password? Send them over to

We will credit you the remainder of your current password manager subscription. You make the move, we’ll help cover the cost.

Remember the sound of an old slide projector? A chewing gum machine? A coffee mill?

#ConserveTheSound puts together a virtual audio #museum of (almost) lost everyday #sound:

There’s snow on the ground where I am, reminded me of this flipbook I made into a GIF when I was a teenager.

#snowman #snowmen #animation

Has anyone seen if MachinePix from the other site has made its way over?

He's a vivacious extravagent angel
She's a suave Buddhist museum curator
They fight crime!

“.. the omission of Thomas Jefferson’s enslaved chef, James Hemings, who was the mastermind behind many of America’s favorite dishes including macaroni and cheese. His erasure is part of a theme that’s permeated written history itself.”

📝 by Joseph Lamour

#food #history #slavery

This is one of my favorite pictures. It feels like it was taken yesterday… but it was taken in a Paris public garden nearly a hundred years ago. Everything feels modern: the composition, the casualness, the daring clothes, haircuts, and accessories.

The colors are original: this is an #autochrome, using the first process for color #photography invented by the Lumière brothers in 1903.

The women are unknown, but I can't help wondering how they fared a few years later in nazi-occupied Paris.

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