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I’ve always enjoyed well designed manhole covers. Some cities have pretty plain ones, but others take the time and energy to make them pretty. It is nice to see art making a difference in purely practical items. #photography #cities

I was on the verge of really gearing up for getting back into the discussion space after the HighEdWeb conference in October, hoping between here (and possibly LinkedIn) that those discussions and awesome bits of learning can still happen.

Hello world! (yes, I had to) Tiffany Broadbent Beker here. I've been in the web/digital/technology space for over 16 years, higher ed for 12. I'm director of digital marketing at William & Mary in Virginia. I'm a relatively new fan of D&D, and longtime fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, cooking, eating tasty food and enjoying tasty beverages wherever they can be found around the world. Looking forward to exploring this new realm.

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