I guess I can do an post. I'm a web (mostly ) developer who tries as much as possible to focus on .

I'm a dad of 3 grown kids and a grandfather to 2 beautiful girls.

I enjoy retro video games, but I'm not obsessive about them.

I love TV and movies, and spend a lot of time watching something.

I enjoy playing trivia, sometimes as many as 3 or 4 nights a week.

I'm a Christian, but not that kind of "Christian".

I'm a lefty, bleeding heart liberal.

Oh yeah, and I work in higher education, and have a passion for learning, and all of the various skills and lessons you can learn at community colleges and at liberal arts universities.

@cgrymala It seems that American christians (and I mean: the continent, not just the USA) tend to be franckly more bigots than European ones, where they are – for half a century, now – almost perfectly fine with things such as divorce, abortion (well, under some conditions, but it’s still better than nothing), same-sex & “interracial” marriage (there is only ONE human race, BTW), be friendly and having LGBT & non-white friends… Secularism (esp. in France with 1905’s law) and changes of mindsets really made miracles, here!

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