Attending a large tech conference has seemingly renewed my interest in publishing the project charter I put together a few years ago to organize and build an open-source CMS focused on higher ed/government/enterprise-level publishing.

Men would rather invent a whole JS framework than learn CSS.

I posted this message in the Slack, and someone shared this helpful tutorial on how to make alt text images look nicer.

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FYI: When you put "line-height: 0" on <img>s, and the image doesn't load, the line height applies to the alt text. And then the alt text is all squished and illegible. Otherwise, line height doesn't affect the image itself. So don't put "line-height: 0" on images. :)

Love to see good people get the attention they deserve.

BBEdit is my go-to text editor for *everything*.

2023 is 5 weeks away. I have officially scheduled my routine post-conference spa appointment. ♥️

I am nerd-cited to share that @annaecook will be the keynote presenter at 2023 this summer. And will help us put in the spotlight for our event.

You can join me in person or online. Just be sure to register!

I've been so busy lately that I've started "ignoring" my emails on the weekend. It gives my brain a break and allows me to focus more on doing the actual work and resting my introverted mind.

However, emotional energy transference is a thing so I still have to deal with all of those emails and unread Slack messages on Monday morning.

Monday morning Rachel thinks this plan might need some tweaking.

All of my money and gratitude to businesses that provide vacant/occupied notices on bathroom doors. It is an A+++ customer experience that seems to be on the rise. I’ve yet to see an accessible version, though.

Are you curious about how can enhance your website's functionality and design?

Join Nick Diego at 2023 for a hands-on workshop and discover how you can leverage FSE to take your website to the next level. Let's explore the possibilities together!

👏 Thanks to @eric for his years of work as maintainer on @thea11yproject. The project wouldn't be a fraction of what it is today without his guidance and energy poured into the project.

If you're a enthusiast, be sure to join Jim Groom and Lauren Hanks as they share University of Mary Washington's love affair with in since 2005!

Whether you prefer attending in person or online, be sure to grab your ticket today and join the fun at 2023!

TFW you’re on your flight for a work trip and realize you forgot to put your laptop in your backpack.

Really excited to be attending the final Strange Loop conference this September in St. Louis!

I'm hosting the networking lounge from 2-3 pm Eastern over at if anyone wants to hop on and discuss or in .

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