Come to ESF and work in my old office (and role)! Spread the word for anyone with Banner experience looking for a new opportunity - particularly if they have SUNY experience.

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Sometimes you have the misfortune to meet an egotistical fool who's convinced they're the smartest person in the room. This article by @mmasnick leaves no doubt in my mind that wherever Elon Musk goes, not only is he not the smartest person in the room, it's likely he's the stupidest person in the room.

#ElonMusk #Twitter #PEBKAC

Quelle surprise. Microsoft is beginning to sunset the Mac Visual Studio which never actually properly worked for many .net workflows and whose documentation was impressively MORE out of sync with itself than the rest of MSDN. I never actually figured out the voodoo of getting it to behave for .net Core web project deployment... sigh.

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This was the front page of The Daily Tar Heel following the active shooter lockdown at UNC. Powerful. We don’t have to live like this.

I’m continually amazed by how terrible every single facet of Microsoft Start’s curation and comment quality. Almost 50% full on clickbait and easily discernible poor quality news sources combined with an atrociously bad commentary and precious little moderation of bad disinfo, spam and other rubbish.

Tried out the Mona client for Mastodon. Pretty slick, but it’s… an interesting choice to put basic functionality of the network behind a paid tier.

Annnnnnnnnd… after a long wait, have a ratified union contract through 2025.

Tonight’s concert - This Wild Life, Story of the Year, Mayday Parade, and somehow we all blinked and it’s been twenty years for Yellowcard. (The math works but I hate it)

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"Authorities can’t undo the harm they’ve done or give Joan Meyer her life back."

They "deserve zero credit for coming to their senses only after an intense backlash from the local and national media and an aggressive letter from the Record’s lawyer.”

Channeling @mackensen - just bought train tickets for . (Made easier by it being a 2h and change train from here. Not that it's terribly likely you'd be taking the Maple Leaf without some contortions from where you are...)

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He gets a New York charge, he gets a Florida charge
He gets a DC charge, he gets a Georgia charge
He enters the pleas that remind him of the good times
He enters the pleas that remind him of the better times

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it was the fuck aroundiest of times, it was the find outiest of times

For all of the admin state/bonkers bullshit the modern GOP accuses Dems of, it’d be lovely for the rest of the FL GOP to pay attention to the actual threat that is DeSantis now removing a 2nd elected official for disagreeing with his positions by… fiat, not by election, like FL is run by a dictator. Crickets from them.

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If you know anyone in Ohio, make sure they know that the special election for Issue 1 is today from 6:30am until 7:30pm, and urge them to vote No. If it passes, it will raise the threshold for passing ballot issues from 50% to 60%, allowing a 40% minority to veto ballot issues.

The GOP spent a ton of donor and taxpayer money to set up a special election, just for this one issue, hoping it will pass with low turnout, because it would remove one of the few remaining checks on a heavily gerrymandered statehouse.

#Ohio #OhioIssue1 #OhioIssueOne #Issue1 #OhioPolitics #USPolitics #StatePolitics #Politics #GOP

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Osama bin Laden did not fly the planes himself. But he was responsible.

Adolf Hitler did not operate the gas chambers himself. But he was responsible.

Donald J. Trump did not storm the Capitol himself. But he was responsible.

Justice matters.

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Mike Pence referring to a “gaggle of crackpot lawyers” is rude, unprofessional, dehumanizing, and unbecoming a presidential candidate.

The preferred terminology is “The Federalist Society.”

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I reject the notion MAGA voters are too dumb or too gullible to understand trump was lying to them about the 2020 election. It’s worse than that. They knew trump was lying but they didn’t care because they have chosen Trump over the USA.

Auto-shitty-curation without any sort of editorial or even human filter is worse than rubbish.

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The conceptual idea of Microsoft’s Start news aggregator isn’t terrible, but man is the list of shitty “news” sources I have blocked because they should be promoted by no one is long. No, I don’t want the latest MAGA flimflam “press” fed to me. Ever. About as useful as their AI product… as in… not very.

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