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It's 2023. "Gosh, we didn't realize how people would misuse this" just isn't believable anymore.

Bare minimum, with any new tech:
1) How would a stalker use this?
2) What will 4chan do with this?

And don't release, not even as alpha or beta, before mitigating those risks.


#AIethics #ethNLP

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Facebook/Meta laid off 11,000 people and now is doing 40 BILLION in stock buybacks. None of these companies care about cost cutting, they saw an opportunity to suppress wages without any criticism and they took it. cnbc.com/2023/02/01/facebook-p

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"I thought you said you were a full stack developer"

Yeah, full stackoverflow.

It’s both incredibly on brand and frustrating that the only way I found to submit a support request for my Dell Rewards account not working was to file a ticket on the order that originally generated the rewards I can’t use… because of a glitch in their website/my account.

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If I have to prove I'm not a computer by identifying traffic lights and busses, perhaps we're not quite ready for self-driving cars.

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Main salutary thing about Pence docs is they frame a clean story that even bothsidesing journalists will be hard pressed to ignore. Transitions are messy, seem to result in sensitive docs getting swept up for VPs of both parties. By contrast, Trump stole a bunch of TS/SCI shit.

And now, the Mountain Goat 10 miler.
On the docket:
- Syracuse Half
- Mountain Goat 10mi
- Boilermaker 15k
- Wine Glass Half

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Race calendar for the year just got a boost. Signed up for my… 7th Boilermaker 15k.

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“Shares of Tesla closed 1.25% lower Internal emails showed Chief Elon Musk oversaw the creation of a 2016 video that exaggerated the abilities of Tesla's driver-assistance system Autopilot, while even dictating the opening text which claimed the company's car drove itself.”

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when you need to fix something on a legacy project

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RT @neal_katyal@twitter.com

Imagine if 2 people borrowed library books and didn’t return them. 1 forgot about the book, finds it a couple years later, and then immediately gives it back.

The other person knowingly takes the books & refuses to give it back when the library sends request after request for it

🐦🔗: twitter.com/neal_katyal/status

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There aren’t words adequate to express how infuriating this is.

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I've said this before but the most pathetic thing about current RW culture wars is that they are defending a lifestyle -- giant SUVs, highways, strip malls, fast food, suburbs, poisonous/deadly consumer products -- that is 100% a creation of late-20th century corporations.

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OH: "“Nothing is as permanent as a temporary solution that works”.

Hits close to home especially if you're a developer.

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🙌 I'm so excited to add this staff position at HighEdWeb!

The assistant executive director will lead and help implement sponsorship, membership and marketing/communications efforts.


Come work for HighEdWeb. (No, seriously.) Work with @clarksara and the HighEdWeb Board to help us move the association forward. $75-90k salary, 100% remote.


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Developers, PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, don't disable pasting into password fields.

We all want to use more secure passwords, but if for some reason our password manager doesn't work with your site or app, having to 10-finger a long password is annoying.

Catching up on the latest drama. I see they still haven’t managed to count their way to a majority.

Only took… 12 rounds of voting for the presumptive House majority leader to get more votes than *checks notes* the House minority leader.

No matter the outcome, Clown McCarthy is proven pretty damned weak by this.

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