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your feelings are valid!!! your syntax unfortunately is not

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1. @RonDeSantisFL@twitter.com has declared war on drag shows.

He is pushing to shut down venues that host drag shows, claiming they are endangering kids

But the DeSantis admin was just CAUGHT RED HANDED fabricating claims about the shows

Follow along for receipts 🧾


ICYMI: Nominations close for the HighEdWeb Board of Directors tomorrow. Join us in building a better future for HighEdWeb.
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"Her embryo had become implanted in scar tissue from a recent cesarean section & she was in serious danger. The muscle separating her #pregnancy from her bladder was as thin as tissue paper; her placenta threatened to eventually invade her organs like a tumor...

"But it was Aug. 24 & performing an abortion was hours away from becoming a felony in #Tennessee."

Harrowing, heartbreaking look at #abortion bans from @ProPublica


It may not quite be the last minute, but it just about is… get your proposals in, folks.

You’ve got… *checks watch* umm… a very little bit of time left.


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Dear devs,

It's NEVER ok to lock people out of a webapp because their User-Agent doesn't match your predefined list. 😡

Especially webapps they need to manage their healthcare.

(I am in fact using one of the browsers on this list, your code just isn't able to tell.)

:boost_love: Please boost for basic education.


It absolutely boggles my mind, having been built on top of a file collaboration and call system, why Teams’ default option to download an image file shared in chat is *not* to download the file, but a bad PNG basically screenshot of the same file that it already has.

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Fuck this guy and everything he stands for. I hope he loses everything he has ever loved. And that is my professional opinion.


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Just like we should always ask “Could this meeting have been an email?”

…we should always ask “Could this PDF have been a web page?”

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imagine if employers had to pay for commute time. they'd figure out really fuckin fast how many jobs can be done remotely.

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Well, that's an amusing way to break Twitter... whoopsie.

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Freedom is not a zero-sum game.

You don’t lose yours by allowing others to have theirs.

f*(&(*Ing package auto subscription services….

Sigh. 150/yr now for my remote start to work, now that I’m off promo, because I can’t independently buy the add on without the base I don’t want. Thanks, Subaru.

Sitting in an airport, waiting to time travel home. 30h30 of travel while gaining 12 hours in the process. Homeward bound.

Celebrating fifteen years with ESF the best way- by being on vacation.

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"Woke mind virus" is how billionaires describe the idea that you should give even the tiniest bit of a shit about how your actions will affect other people.

Qatar airways business class for my first international trip by air might have spoiled me for good. Holy smokes.

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