Channeling @mackensen - just bought train tickets for . (Made easier by it being a 2h and change train from here. Not that it's terribly likely you'd be taking the Maple Leaf without some contortions from where you are...)

@farktal Would you believe that I'm coming down from Montreal by way of Toronto?

@mackensen LOL. So you'll be coming in the opposite way. I'm taking Maple Leaf west on Sat, east to home on Thurs.

@farktal yeah, German Studies is up in Montreal this year, so I'm making the big circle route.

@mackensen I couldn't pass it up. $62 round trip for me and maybe 20 minutes longer (scheduled at least) than driving would be.

@farktal @mackensen last time I looked at the possibility, my only option would be to take the train to NYC the day before, stay the night there, then take another train the next day to Buffalo.

@cgrymala @mackensen Yeah, the options to the downtown station are limited.

@cgrymala @farktal coming from the south or west of DC? I'd believe it. It's a long haul to Buffalo.

@farktal @mackensen I had train tickets but sadly cancelled them and plan on driving instead

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